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About us

Holroyd Musical & Dramatic Society is a community based musical and dramatic society located within the Holroyd region of Sydney.

HMDS encourage many different people to be a part of our shows in different ways, be it on stage, backstage, front of house and through various community activities. We are very much a family society, and encourage involvement on all levels, whether you're new to the industry and want to learn new skills, or are wanting to spread your wings into something new. 


2024 marks HMDS' 53rd year of operation. 



HMDS is run by a dedicated committee of people who are newly elected each year, at our Annual General Meeting. 


The members of the 2024 Committee for HMDS are:


President: Felicity Amos

Vice President (Administration): Leanne Carter

Vice President (Production): Michael Clewes

Treasurer: Talisa Whybro

Secretary: Lauren Carter

Publicity Officer: Nadia Farran

Ticket Secretary: Leanne Carter

Membership Coordinator: Melissa Toovey

Minutes Secretary: Ben Gray

General Committee:

Anton Safadi

Jenna Van Bentum

Martyn Carter

Nicole Cini

Nicole Dunn

Susan Brown

Wendy Hudson


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