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Written & Directed by Narelle Adams. 

Produced for the first time by HMDS. 


Grandma arrives at house the week after Christmas. The house is in chaos but Grandma sits and reads the children a story – “Twas the week after Christmas”.


The story is continually being interrupted by a variety of fairytale characters sent by a jealous Fairy Godmother to stop Grandma from finishing her story. 




Grandma: Wendy Hudson
Fairy Godmother:  Vanessa Lawler
Prince:  Clara Drihe Sanchez
Prince's Page: Daleni Sanchez
Big Bad Wolf: Tim Foley
Little Pig: Byron Hope
Red Riding Hood: Catherine Bell
Sleeping Beauty: Ashleigh King
Snow White: Martina Gambacorta
Cinderella: Caitlin Beckwith
Goldilocks: Abira Harvey
Steplets: (Cinderella's stepsisters) Emma Roulston,  Leanne Crowley, TBA
Gretel: Anneliesa Soliman
Hansel: Elizabeth Bell
Gingerbread Man: TBA
Hook: John Kane

This production was held at The St Stephen's Church Hall from the 9th to the 17th of January, 2015.

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